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Sara Zaltash

Lead Artist & Project Co-Ordinator

Sara Zaltash is Bristol-based live artist working with action, sound, installation and events. Sara's work enacts her evolving engagement with political, philosophical and spiritual realities.

Zaltash’s style is spun from effervescence and heroism, rage and wonder, philosophy and evangelism. At the centre of her practice is the need to challenge everything, including herself, and to prise open a space for questions in the world we take for granted. 




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one day : Day One - Resilience is a participatory artwork for Bristol 2015 that has been created by Bristol-based artist Sara Zaltash in partnership with the Schumacher Institute and support from the Quartet Community Foundation, Bristol City Council and the Bristol Green Capital Partnership. Bristol is a member of Rockefeller’s 100 Resilient Cities Network.


Lead Artist:  sarazaltash@onedaydayone.org
General:  resilience@onedaydayone.org