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Jack-Reuben Fletcher

Bristol Project Illustrator

I am an emerging artist from west Wales with strong roots in the city of Bristol where I studied Illustration.

My work is influenced by art nouveau styles and psychedelic art. I mainly work in fine line blackwork, appreciating intricacy and detail.

I am inspired by people, faces and clothing of different cultural backgrounds, particularly tribal or native people as their belief in respect and nurture of this planet that we share resonates with me greatly.

I am passionate about self sustainable communities, circular economies and health, wellbeing and healing.

My love of travel is a direct inspiration and nourishment for this way of life and I like to reflect that in my work.

If you are interested in commissioning a piece of art work or would like any other information please contact: jackreubenfletcher@gmail.com


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one day : Day One - Resilience is a participatory artwork for Bristol 2015 that has been created by Bristol-based artist Sara Zaltash in partnership with the Schumacher Institute and support from the Quartet Community Foundation, Bristol City Council and the Bristol Green Capital Partnership. Bristol is a member of Rockefeller’s 100 Resilient Cities Network.


Lead Artist:  sarazaltash@onedaydayone.org
General:  resilience@onedaydayone.org