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Bluefinger Alliance

The Blue Finger is a hugely important piece of high quality agricultural land coming out of the north fringe of the city of Bristol. It is 1,000 hectares of exceptionally deep and fertile soil within easy reach of the urban population. rare Grade 1 agricultural land. It is a designated wildlife corridor and Green Belt. It is visible from the motorway network as the welcome to the city. The ensuing piecemeal development of this land permanently removes the potential for us to fully utilise this precious resource for the prosperity, health, wellbeing and enjoyment of the whole community.

We have a time-limited opportunity for Bristol and South Gloucestershire to create a world class food enterprise hub using innovative and sustainable food production methods that could achieve economic, health and social An integrated urban farmscape could incorporate farming, processing, catering, education, gastro-tourism, horticultural therapy, amenity, energy production, composting and wildlife conservation. The ‘Blue Finger’ brand could become synonymous with excellence, vision and resilience.


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one day : Day One - Resilience is a participatory artwork for Bristol 2015 that has been created by Bristol-based artist Sara Zaltash in partnership with the Schumacher Institute and support from the Quartet Community Foundation, Bristol City Council and the Bristol Green Capital Partnership. Bristol is a member of Rockefeller’s 100 Resilient Cities Network.


Lead Artist:  sarazaltash@onedaydayone.org
General:  resilience@onedaydayone.org