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 SIX volunteer opportunities

published on: 13.04.2015

The one day : Day One team is recruiting SIX green-thinking, bike-cycling, bright-hearted, big-visioned, hard-working, huge-smiling volunteers to join the project and make it fly*. 

From the beginning of June until the end of September, the one day : Day One - Resilience dome will travel to one location per week around Bristol - that’s 16 locations in total! At least two team members will be on location for four days of each week, four hours of each day. 

We’d like SIX of you to join us so that we can involve as many people as possible and spread our workload. With SIX of you committing 2 or 3 weeks each we can all enjoy the summer AND be involved with Bristol Green Capital. Yay for us. 

In each day at each location, at least two team members of one day : Day One - Resilience will:
– cycle the dome to the location and assemble it (the dome weighs 25kg when packed down, can easily be strapped to a bike rack, and takes 15 minutes for 2 people to assemble); 
- stay with the dome for the duration of that day’s visit; be friendly with visitors and participants, furnish them with as much information as they could wish for and have a lovely time;
- pack the dome down and take it to a safe storage place. 

As the project moves around and grows, there will be opportunities for volunteers to get involved with web development, video editing, photography and poster design, exhibition curation and guerrilla marketing. So we’d love for you to have experience in one or more of the following areas: 
Web Design & Development
Graphic Design
Events Organising 
Social Media Marketing

Does this sound like your ideal summer jaunt? Need a bit of extra experience to make your CV go whizzbang? Want a real good thing to write about in your dissertation? Great. 
Send an email to the project’s lead artist, Sara Zaltash, explaining how we can work with each other. 
Feel free to send CVs, weblinks, articles, videos, bribes, anything that tells us a little bit about you and why you want to be involved. 

DEADLINE: 11th May 2015. 
Interviews between 18th-24th May. 
Project launches on 28th May and begins to tour on 4th June. 

The one day : Day One team is currently working on securing funds to contribute towards the expenses of all volunteers, because we believe that is the right thing to do (try telling the funders that though). If we get the money, we’ll give it to you. 
Any travel costs incurred while moving the dome around will be reimbursed. 

*If you know how to fly, great! If not, then hop aboard my wings and we shall fly together.


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one day : Day One - Resilience is a participatory artwork for Bristol 2015 that has been created by Bristol-based artist Sara Zaltash in partnership with the Schumacher Institute and support from the Quartet Community Foundation, Bristol City Council and the Bristol Green Capital Partnership. Bristol is a member of Rockefeller’s 100 Resilient Cities Network.


Lead Artist:  sarazaltash@onedaydayone.org
General:  resilience@onedaydayone.org