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Neighbourhood Partnerships

published on: 13.04.2015

In Bristol, the UK’s fastest growing city, the City Council is working hard devolve power to neighbourhoods so that local residents and councillors can have a say in investments and improvements to the places they call home. 

The main way that Bristol City Council does this is through Neighbourhood Partnerships. 

There were fourteen Neighbourhood Partnerships established in 2008, with each made up of two or three electoral wards. 

one day : Day One decided to work with the geographical framework of these Neighbourhood Partnerships in Bristol so that we could reach a diverse range of communities, support local government policies and connect the resilience work being undertaken by residents in different locations around the city.

To find out more about Neighbourhood Partnerships and how you can be involved if you are a Bristol resident, go to:


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one day : Day One - Resilience is a participatory artwork for Bristol 2015 that has been created by Bristol-based artist Sara Zaltash in partnership with the Schumacher Institute and support from the Quartet Community Foundation, Bristol City Council and the Bristol Green Capital Partnership. Bristol is a member of Rockefeller’s 100 Resilient Cities Network.


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